Develop More Effective, Differentiated & Transformative Therapies
for Sporadic & Familial ALS

Despite Amylyx’s recent setback, the withdrawal of Relyvrio from the market will undoubtedly provide invaluable lessons, igniting a renewed determination among biopharma in their ongoing efforts to understand and combat ALS.

This opportunity helped attendees to stay informed, and engage with 150+ industry leaders, and shape the future of ALS drug development at the 3rd Annual ALS Drug Development Summit. This summit returned to Boston to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the latest motor neuron models, biomarker strategies, approval insights, and novel approaches to target the likes of TDP-43, STMN2, and PIKfyve. We engaged in forward-thinking discussions and gained fresh perspectives on the most meaningful endpoints and trialed design considerations for people living with ALS.  

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3rd ALS Drug Development Summit
ALS Drug Development Summit CNS
ALS Drug Development Summit Onsite

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Mansuo Lu Shannon - Prevail Therapeutics

“A great summit to connect Preclinical and Clinical thought leaders on ALS and to garner recent progress for breakthrough ALS therapies.” 

Mansuo Lu Shannon, Chief Scientific Officer, AskBio

Denali Therapeutics Logo (PRNewsFoto/Denali Therapeutics Inc.)

“ALS Summit brings together experts across basic scientific research, biotech, pharma, patient advocacy groups to the same room for vibrant and engaged discussions. The program captures the key progress and development in the field as well as emerging technologies and science, but still nimble and focused not to overwhelm the attendees!”

Fen Haung, Senior Director, Head of Translational Sciences, Cajal Neuroscience

Fen Huang

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