Unlocking the Potential of Wearable Technology & Digital Biomarkers to Allow Remote ALS Participant Assessments

Time: 9:06 am
day: Pre-Conference Day Track B


The use of digital biomarkers and wearable technologies creates an invaluable opportunity to conduct remote assessments of ALS patients. With technology being developed to measure vocal, motor function and respiratory biomarkers, sensitive data can be constantly collected by non-invasive means directly from patient’s homes. Attend this workshop to learn latest advances in wearable technology being developed for ALS clinical trials.

Workshop highlights include:

• Exploring the different types of wearable technology available to monitor ALS participants remotely

• Outlining the benefits of performing remote assessments: expanded data collection and participant engagement

• Advancing towards a seamless experience: understanding the necessary stages to validate and implement wearable technologies into decentralized ALS clinical trials