Kasper Roet, PhD

Kasper Roet, PhD

Company: QurAlis Corp.

Job title: Chief Executive Officer


Exploring a Splice Modulation Antisense Oligonucleotide to Restore STATHMIN-2 Levels in ALS Patients 11:30 am

• A splice modulation ASO strategy with the aim to treat 90% of the total ALS population (TDP-43 positive patients) • Optimizing dosage to ensure efficacious and safe therapeutic output • Biomarker strategies to evaluate target engagement and efficacy for STMN2 ASO trialsRead more

day: Day Two AM

Panel Discussion: Evaluating Current Strategies for ALS Target Identification: What are the Avenues to Still Prioritise? 11:15 am

• Outlining current avenues of disease pathology to identify and validate targets for familial and sporadic ALS • Processing disease pathology information to validate genetic ALS targets • Where are the current innovations for novel target identification?Read more

day: Day One AM

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