Uniting CNS Biopharma to Spearhead the Next Generation of ALS Therapeutics

Revolutionizing ALS Models, Novel Biomarkers & Clinical Endpoints to Accelerate Future ALS Approvals

Following the approval of Amylyx’s Relyvrio in the US and Canada and further FDA decisions on the horizon in 2023, the ALS drug development landscape is gaining momentum and positivity. With booming pharma investment and new biotechs entering the field, there are still crucial translational challenges to address to bridge the gap and see clinical success for the wider ALS patient population.

Returning to Boston, the timely 2nd Annual ALS Drug Development Summit is the only industry-focused conference dedicated to overcoming preclinical and clinical challenges currently facing ALS pipelines. This is your must-attend meeting showcasing the latest breakthroughs in ALS in 2022 and 2023.

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“This is a forum for cutting edge information in ALS research but in a small intimate setting that fosters discussion, brainstorming, and sharing of ideas”

Enchi Liu, Vice President, Translational Sciences, Tranquis Therapeutics

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