Partnership Opportunities

2023 Partners

ALS Pharma and Biotech Drug Developers Seek:

In vivomodels of neurodegeneration to study ALS pathophysiology and behavior

In vitromodels and cell-based assays, such as iPSCs, patient-derived motor neurons, and organoid models

Novel biomarker technology, from CSF and blood to digital biomarkers to detect motor neurone degeneration and monitor disease progression

Wearable technology to facilitate sensitive, remote patient data collection

Early-stage patients to test efficacy in promising emerging ALS candidates

Genetic sequencing companies to study pathophysiology and aid target identification for novel ALS candidates

The 2nd ALS Drug Development Summit will allow your company to:

ALS_Drug_Development_Summit_2nd Favicon

Network with biopharma key opinion leaders and decision-makers at the forefront of ALS drug development to forge new business opportunities

ALS_Drug_Development_Summit_2nd Favicon

Secure your company as an innovative field leader by presenting your product or service to an engaged audience of discovery, preclinical and clinical ALS expert

ALS_Drug_Development_Summit_2nd Favicon

Meet neuroscience companies currently in translational development, yet to select long-term commercial partners