Partner with us in 2025

In a field of surging investment and momentum, there is a pressing need for more human-relevant systems to model motor neuron disease pathology, advanced biomarkers to earlier detect presymptomatic ALS, and sophisticated technologies to streamline clinical trial recruitment and monitoring of muscle function.

Attracting a diverse audience of senior leaders from the likes of Novartis, Biogen and UCB, the 3rd ALS Drug Development Summit serves as industry’s go-to meeting for exploring the latest solutions and technologies at their disposal.

With opportunities to present, network one-on-one with stakeholders, and elevate brand visibility, explore a tailored partnership package that aligns with your business objectives, ensuring your solution takes center stage.

ALS Drug Developers are Actively Seeking New Collaborations to:

Enhance translatability of iPSC-derived motor neuron models to assess novel preclinical drug candidates

Employ less aggressive ALS animal models more reflective of the human phenotype

Streamline clinical trial efficiency and recruitment as patient availability is impacted by a growing number of drugs reaching the market

Implement digital biomarkers to more objectively measure motor neurone function and muscle strength

Safely and efficiently administer therapeutics to ALS patients with sophisticated delivery systems

Enhance the sensitivity of detecting ALS-specific biomarkers to aim for earlier, pre-symptomatic diagnosis

And More!

Why Partner?

  • Build connections with your target audience and secure new business: Connect with senior decision makers from large pharma increasing their spend in neuroscience R&D, to well established and new biotechs expanding their ALS pipelines.
  • Elevate your company’s brand awareness: Explore innovative ways to differentiate your brand and establish yourself as the go-to commercial partner for biotech and pharma entering the ALS space.
  • Showcase your solutions and expertise: Capitalize on our highly engaged audience of biopharma stakeholders prioritizing ALS and actively asking for high-level support.