Exploring a New Window of Opportunity: TDP-43-Related Biomarkers & Their Development into Clinical Use

Time: 8:35 am
day: Pre-Conference Day


With a pressing need for more disease-specific markers of ALS pathology, a promising avenue has emerged to explore the downstream effects of cryptic exon inclusion due to TDP-43 loss of function. For example, the generation of a novel peptide, leading to the development of methods to specifically detect it in individuals with ALS. Join this session for a comprehensive breakdown of recent and ongoing research to identify clinically useful TDP-43 related biomarkers for ALS:

  • Deepen understanding of TDP-43 function to create new biomarker opportunities
  • Investigate the correlation between new TDP-43-based biomarker candidates and the progression of ALS
  • Evaluate their clinical feasibility to be detected in patient samples and utilized to demonstrate therapeutic impact on TDP-43 pathology