Akinori Hishiya

Akinori Hishiya

Company: SOLA Biosciences

Job title: CSO


Showcasing SOL-257, a Chaperone-based Gene Therapy Targeting Misfolded TDP-43 in ALS 11:30 am

Highlighting in vivo proof-of-concept data demonstrating successful re-folding or degradation of misfolded TDP-43 Outlining corroborating iPSC-derived evidence Demonstrating translational potential of SOL-257 gene therapy to treat TDP-43 dysfunction in ALS patientsRead more

day: Day Two Track A AM

Panel Discussion: Expanding the In Vitro Toolbox to Bring Additional Translational Value to iPSC-Derived Models 12:00 pm

Exploring additional avenues to enhance in vitro studies of ALS pathology Evaluating the ability to model neuromuscular junctions with sophisticated systems, such as organoids, microfluidics and synaptoneurosomes Debating the feasibility of employing novel in vitro methods for preclinical studies in industryRead more

day: Day One Track A AM

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